The H7A14G21G1IX is a single 3.3V 4Gbit NAND Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory (NAND E2PROM) organized as (4096 + 256) bytes × 64 pages × 2048 blocks. The device has two 4352-byte static registers which allow program and read data to be transferred between the register and the memory cell array in 4352-byte increments. The Erase operation is implemented in a single block unit (256 Kbytes + 16 Kbytes: 4352 bytes × 64 pages).

The H7A14G21G1IX is a serial-type memory device which utilizes the I/O pins for both address and data input/ output as well as for command inputs. The Erase and Program operations are automatically executed making the device most suitable for applications such as solid-state file storage, voice recording, image file memory for still cameras and other systems which require high-density non-volatile memory data storage.
  • Single Level per Cell (SLC) Technology
  • ECC requirement: 8bit/ 512Bytes
  • Power Supply Voltage
    - Voltage range: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
  • Organization
    - Page size: x8 (4096 + 256) bytes; 256- bytes spare area
    - Block size: x8 (256k + 16k) bytes
    - Plane size: 2048 Blocks per Plane or (256M + 16M) bytes
    - 2008 block (min) ~ 2048 block (max)
  • Modes
    – Read, Reset, Auto Page Program, Auto Block Erase, Status Read, Page Copy
    – Multi Page Program, Multi Block Erase, Multi Page Copy, Multi Page Read
  • Access time
    – Cell array to register: 25μs (max)
    – Serial Read Cycle: 25 ns (min) (CL=50pF)
  • Page Read/ Program
    – Random access: 25 μs (Max)
    – Sequential access: 25 ns (Min)
    – Program time/ Multiplane Program time: 300 μs (Typ)
  • Block Erase
    – Block Erase time: 3.5 ms (Typ)
  • Operating current
    – Read (25 ns cycle) 30 mA max.
    - Program (avg.) 30 mA max/ Erase (avg.) 30 mA max
    - Standby 50 μA max
  • Reliability
    – 10 Year Data retention (Typ), Blocks zero are valid