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Parallel NAND Flash
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Product Name : 1G-Bit 3.3V NAND FLASH MEMORY

Item No. : H7A11G21F1CX


Offered in 128Mx8bit, the H7A11G21F1CX is a 1G-bit NAND Flash Memory with spare 32M-bit. The device is offered in 3.3V VCC. Its NAND cell provides the most cost-effective solution for the solid state application market. A program operation can be performed in typical 400us on the (2K+64)Byte page and an erase operation can be performed in typical 4.5ms on a (128K+4K)Byte block. Data in the data register can be read out at 25ns cycle time per Byte.

The I/O pins serve as the ports for address and data input/output as well as command input. The on-chip write controller automates all program and erase functions including pulse repetition, where required, and internal verification and margining of data. The H7A11G21F1CX is an optimum solution for large nonvolatile storage applications such as solid state file storage and other portable app.
lications requiring non-volatility.
H7A11G21F1CX_Parallel_NAND Flash_1Gb (779 KB)
  • Basic Features
    – Density : 1Gbit
    – Vcc : 3.3V(2.7V to 3.6V)
    – Bus width : x8
    – Operating temperature
     Commercial: 0°C to 70°C
  • Single-Level Cell (SLC) technology.
  • Organization
    – Memory Cell Array : (128M + 4M) x 8bit
    – Page size : (2K + 64) Byte
    – Data Register : (2K + 64) x 8bit
    – Block Erase :(128K + 4K) Byte
  • Automatic Program and Erase
    – Page Program :(2K + 64) Byte
  • Page Read Operation
    – Random Read : 25us(Max.)
    – Serial Access : 25ns(Min.)
    – Data Transfer Rate : SDR 20Mhz(40Mbps)
  • Fast Write Cycle Time
    – Page Program time : 400us(Typ.)
    – Block Erase Time : 4.5ms(Typ.)
  • Command/ Address/ Data Multiplexed I/O Port
  • Hardware Data Protection
    – Program/ Erase Lockout During Power Transitions
  • Command Driven Operation
  • Unique ID for Copyright Protection
  • Package
    – 48 - Pin TSOP1 (12 x 20/0.5 mm pitch)
    – Pb-Free, Halogen-Free Package