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Hwaling Technology is based in Taipei, Taiwan. As the interaction of Communication, Electronic Consumer and Computing gadgets has became the main stream in consumer lives. Hwaling practices his specialty with long-term experience in this memory field to drive quality products and services to customers.

SDRAM Supplier

Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd.'s mission, as a worldwide 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM supplier, is to make its key technologies available to its final customers at an affordable price, by matching high quality. As an industry leader of 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM, we can manufacture first-rate H2A11281636B, 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM, W9812G6JB with reasonable price. Our prime focus is to deliver products that exceed the expectations of our clients in a cost-effective manner. If you need any help at choosing the right 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM to match your requirements, we are happy to quote tailored to your requirements.


128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM

The H2A11281636B is Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory (SDRAM) organized as 2Mega words x 4 banks by 16 bits. All inputs and outputs are synchronized with the positive edge of the clock.
The 128Mb SDRAM uses synchronized pipelined architecture to achieve high speed data transfer rates and is designed to operate at 3.3V low power memory system. It also provides auto refresh with power saving / down mode. All inputs and outputs voltage levels are compatible with LVTTL.
Packaged in TFBGA 54 Ball (8x8 mm^2).
  • All Inputs are Sampled at the Rising Edge of the System Clock
  • Auto Refresh and Self Refresh
  • 4,096 Refresh Cycles / 64ms (15.625us)
Features :

  • Fully Synchronous to Positive Clock Edge
  • Single 3.3V ±0.3V Power Supply
  • LVTTL Compatible with Multiplexed Address
  • Programmable Burst Length (B/L) - 1, 2, 4, 8 or Full Page
  • Programmable CAS Latency (C/L) - 2 or 3
  • Data Mask (DQM) for Read / Write Masking
  • Programmable Wrap Sequence
    – Sequential (B/L = 1/2/4/8/full Page)
    – Interleave (B/L = 1/2/4/8)
  • Burst Read with Single-bit Write Operation

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Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd. is recognized by our customers as the best provider of 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM throughout the world. Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We invite you to look at our Web site and you will find us to be a reliable source for your needs. We will establish long-term co-operation and growth together with your business. Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd. aims to design and build the world's best performing 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM, creating the perfect products and services for every type of customer. For more details about our H2A11281636B, 128Mb (2M×4Bank×16) Synchronous DRAM, W9812G6JB, EM639165TS, M12L128168A, NT5SV8M16HS-75B/6K, PMS307416ATR, MT48LC8M16A2P-6A, A3V28S40JTP, please contact with us immediately.