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DDR4 SDRAM Manufacturer

DDR3 SDRAM is being widely used today by businesses as a way to make DDR3 SDRAM can do a variety of other functions depending on what specific needs the business requires. To ensure that the requirements of this policy are met, Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd. will keep providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work, together with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees.


4Gb (32Mx8Banks×16) DDR4 SDRAM

The DDR4 SDRAM is a high-speed dynamic random-access memory internally configured as sixteen-banks,2 bank group with 4 banks for each bankgroup for x16 DRAM.

The DDR4 SDRAM uses an 8n-prefetch architecture to achieve high-speed operation. The 8n-prefetch architecture is combined with an interface designed to transfer two data words per clock cycle at the I/O pins.

A single READ or WRITE operation for the DDR4 SDRAM consists of a single 8n-bit wide, four-clock data transfer at the internal DRAM core and two corresponding n-bit wide, one-half-clock-cycle data transfers at the I/O pins.
Features :

  • VDD = VDDQ = 1.2V ±60mV
  • VPP = 2.5V, –125mV, +250mV
  • On-die, internal, adjustable VREFDQ generation
  • 8 internal banks (x16): 2 groups of 4 banks each
  • 8n-bit prefetch architecture
  • Command/Address latency (CAL)
  • Multipurpose register READ and WRITE capability
  • Write and read leveling
  • Self refresh mode
  • Low-power auto self refresh (LPASR)
  • Temperature controlled refresh (TCR)
  • Fine granularity refresh
  • Self refresh abort
  • Maximum power saving
  • Output driver calibration
  • Nominal, park, and dynamic on-die termination
  • Data bus inversion (DBI) for data bus
  • Command/Address (CA) parity
  • Databus write cyclic redundancy check (CRC)
  • Per-DRAM addressability
  • JEDEC JESD-79-4 compliant
  • sPPR and hPPR capability

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As a result of its commitment to R&D, manufacturing and quality control, Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd. engineers reliable and long-lasting solutions as a partner for continuous improvement. With extensive expertise in engineering and product design, Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd. able to offer value-added products to our customers. We review our offerings regularly to make sure our prices are competitive, if not the lowest available. For more details about our DDR3 SDRAM, please contact with us immediately.