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Hwaling Technology is based in Taipei, Taiwan. As the interaction of Communication, Electronic Consumer and Computing gadgets has became the main stream in consumer lives. Hwaling practices his specialty with long-term experience in this memory field to drive quality products and services to customers.

Parallel NAND Flash Memory

Over the years, Axeme - Hwaling Technology Co., Ltd. achieved continuous growth by closely observing the market in order to produce customer-oriented products. Our 1G-Bit 1.8V NAND FLASH MEMORY is made to the same rigorous quality standards that our commercial customers demand. With the help of 1G-Bit 1.8V NAND FLASH MEMORY, you can easily manage and track your business. Our aim is to create a strong base for the consumers and suppliers in Taiwan and abroad, through which, a perfect chain of demand and supply can be maintained. Our company is a professional manufacturer of 1G-Bit 1.8V NAND FLASH MEMORY, providing FLASH IC, Parallel NAND Flash with top quality.



The H7A12G21G1IX is a single 3.3v 2Gbit NAND Electrically Erasable and Programmable Read-Only Memory (NAND E2PROM) organized as (2048 + 128) bytes × 64 pages × 2048 blocks. The device has two 2176-byte static registers which allow program and read data to be transferred between the register and the memory cell array in 2176-byte increments. The Erase operation is implemented in a single block unit (128 Kbytes + 8 Kbytes: 2176 bytes × 64 pages).

The H7A12G21G1IX is a serial-type memory device which utilizes the I/O pins for both address and data input/ output as well as for command inputs. The Erase and Program operations are automatically executed making the device most suitable for applications such as solid-state file storage, voice recording, image file memory for still cameras and other systems which require high-density non-volatile memory data storage.
Features :

  • Single Level per Cell (SLC) Technology
  • ECC requirement: 8bit/ 544Bytes
  • Power Supply Voltage
    - Voltage range: 2.7V ~ 3.6V
  • Organization
    - Page size: x8 (2048 + 128) bytes; 128- bytes spare area
    - Block size: x8 (128k + 8k) bytes
    - Plane size: 1024 Blocks per Plane
    - 2008 block (min) ~ 2048 block (max)
  • Modes
    – Read, Reset, Auto Page Program, Auto Block Erase, Status Read, Page Copy
    – Multi Page Program, Multi Block Erase, Multi Page Copy, Multi Page Read
  • Access time
    – Cell array to register: 25μs (max)
    – Serial Read Cycle: 25 ns (min) (CL=50pF)
  • Program/ Erase time
    – Auto Page Program: 300 μs /page (typ.)
    – Auto Block Erase: 3.5 ms /block (typ.)
  • Reliability
    – 10 Year Data retention (Typ)

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